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  Applied kinesiology, colon therapy, men's health, naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques, healing oxygen products, and tinctures.
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Alternative Wellness Center

“Rise Above!” with the most effective alternative healthcare!

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9809 Candelaria NE Ste 1-B
Albuquerque, NM
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Mon-Fri 9-5. Weekends and evenings by appointment

Phone: 505-294-9355

Committed to providing you with the best in alternative medicine and complementary healthcare, practitioners at the Alternative Wellness Center can help you regain vitality and maintain optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Doctor of Naturopahy Janet Hall leads the team of practitioners who offer a wide range of safe and effective therapies and personalized health programs.

Clients of the Alternative Wellness Center appreciate the wide variety of stat-of-the-art healing methods available at this one location. Massage, colon hydrotherapy, kinesiology, Touch for health, Homeopathic Laser Therapy, ozone therapy, nutritional counselling and supplements, detoxification, immune system support, a variety of emotional healing methods, and more are all offered at the center.

Director Janet Hall

Director Janet Hall

The latest addition to the clinic, an advanced electrical medicine biofeedback machine, includes the Quantum Life, Bicom, SCIO and other programs. Growing in popularity, these advanced techniques evaluate your body’s condition and perform therapies to reverse both acute and chronic conditions. Clients report deep and lasting results physically and emotionally.

All conditions whether acute or chronic are treated at the clinic. Patients with hard to treat and extended illnesses find effective treatments and relief.

Along with their health services, the Alternative Wellness Center also offers certification courses in herbology and kinesiology. Both courses are offered on weekends for the convenience of working students.

The six-month Herbalist Certification Course is designed by world-renowned herbologist and author K. P. Khalso and taught by K. P. Kahlsa, Janet Hall, Chinese Medicine Specialist Dave Sheldon; Reproductive, Pregnancy, and Childbirth Instructor Kristi Noran, and guest lecturers.

Graduates of the four-month kinesiology course become Certified Kinesiology Practitioners. The course is open to healthcare practitioners as well as individuals who wish to add this effective tool to their self-care toolbox. Kinesiology is both a diagnostic and healing technique.

Staff practitioners include:



  • Janet Hall – Clinic founder Janet Hall, is totally dedicated to educating and empowering people to help them rise above any difficulties that have with their health—or their life. "I love treating those who truly want excellent health, functional lifestyles and to reach their goals and dreams, as well as those who wish to regain hope of having this in their lives,” Janet says.

  • Danielle Pence, who does Colon Hydrotherapist, Biofeedback, Ion Footbath therapy, and is a Life Change and Empowerment Integrations Facilitator

  • Raquel Fontes, massage therapist, who provides clients with a relaxing, nurturing, trusting and healing environment.

Also available at the clinic is an extensive array of nutritional supplements as well as healing oxygen products, and tinctures.

Visit the Alternative Wellness Center for more information about everything offered at the clinic.


“Right away I saw good results in all my tests! In just a two week period my PET scan revealed that the 7cm tumor shown in my MRI, had shrunk to 1.5cm! I was so happily overwhelmed by the results – it was almost unbelievable! It has now been just 3 months and all my blood work, scans and tests are completely clear.” -G. Cansino-Rio Rancho, NM

“Because of the M.S., my sister has not had the ability to move her arms, and she is now wiping her own face again since the integrations, nutritional program and biofeedback treatment! She has more controlled movement beginning again.”  -P. Hardman, Edgewood, NM

“My eczema is gone, I feel cleansed and healthier. My skin is now clearing up since we did the parasite program. I noticed that I am able to think much clearer as well, since you did the brain biofeedback. I am excited for my next appointment!” -A.Hunt, Phoenix, AZ

“Once we did the treatment for teething pain on the biofeedback machine, the baby is sleeping considerably better-thank you, thank you, thank you!” -H. Venema, Canada

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