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Highland Pharmacy

A compounding pharmacy specializing in custom-designed natural hormone replacement for men and women and unique medication delivery methods for people

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717 Encino Place NE
Albuquerque, NM
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M-F 8:30 to 6:30 Sat 9 to 1

Phone: 505-243-3777
Cell: fax: 505-246-0145
Toll Free: 800-305-0405

Highland pharmacy is known for their compounding services, providing custom medications for men and women and their pets. They compound a wide range of natural (bio-identical) hormones and medications for pain management and veterinary care. Free hormonal consultations are available.

Many people, especially as they age, suffer unknowingly from hormonal imbalances that can cause a wide range of symptoms. For example:
  • Low thyroid levels can produce morning fatigue, high blood pressure, dry skin, hair loss, low back pain, poor circulation, brittle nails, swelling of the face, hands, and eyelids, and low body temperature.
  • An estrogen imbalance can cause insomnia, depression, hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, and lack of concentration.
  • A progesterone imbalance causes anxiety, weight gain, mood swings, fibroids, and decreased libido
  • Testosterone imbalances cause acne, fatigue, facial hair, depression, aggressive behavior, loss of libido, and decrease in muscle mass.
DHEA and Human Growth Hormones are also necessary for maintaining healthy body-mind functioning.
Balancing hormones cannot be done properly with one-size-fits-all medications and are best prescribed to suit a person’s individual needs. At the same time, side effects of hormone therapy can be minimized by using bio-identical rather than synthetic hormones.
Highland Pharmacy pharmacists suggest that patients work with practitioners who are familiar with natural hormone replacement therapy. Once a prescription is written, Highland Pharmacy will compound the formula with the highest quality products available.
Compounding also provides excellent solutions for managing chronic pain. Medications can be custom formulated to combine various medications and they can be delivered in topical gels, creams, or spays that can be applied directly to pain sites.
For Your Pets
A number of unique methods for administering prescriptions are available to ease the task of giving pets medications. These include tasty sugar-free medicated treats, such as fish flavoured for cats, beef for dogs, and fruit flavours for birds and exotics.
Also available are special oral syringes that simplify measuring and giving medications as well as topical creams, suppositories, ear drops, and dusting powder.

If your pet needs medication, call 800-305-0405 to speak with one of our pharmacists.


The advice you gave me regarding the hormone replacement therapy I was using was a great help. I appreciated your candor and the time you spent with me. – Joan S, Santa Fe.

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