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  Stone massage, rose petal baths, Thai massage, and more
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12 Years 
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Men and women 
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Absolute Nirvana

The Most Luxurious Day Spa in Santa Fe

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Santa Fe
106 Faithway St.
Santa Fe, NM
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Sun-Th 10 am to 5 pm, Fri-Sat 10am to 8 pm

Phone: 505-983-7942
Toll Free: 888-877-7622

Experience the bliss of a Balinese massage, followed by a soothing soak in a rose petal bath at the only Indonesian-Style spa in Santa Fe. Absolute Nirvana is eco-friendly and dedicated to the ancient healing art of using plants, herbs and spices for both inner and outer beauty.

"One of the Hottest New Spas in the World"..
Conde Naste Traveler

"The Best Over-The-Top Spa Treatment in Santa Fe".
Santa Fean Magazine

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

 Nirvana is a Sanskrit word meaning a place or condition of sublime happiness or fulfilment. At Absolute Nirvana, you will find a soothing sanctuary offering tranquillity and beauty for body, mind and soul.

Dedicated to providing a feast for all the senses, the spa incorporates Asian philosophy in all of their treatments. For thousands of years, Asian peoples have relied on the healing techniques and ritualistic significance of natural plants, herbs, and spices for health and beauty care.

In Indonesia this sacred and revered tradition is known as “Jamu.” Absolute Nirvana carries on this practice by using only the highest quality organic massage and essential oils, plants, and spices in all spa treatments.
In keeping with their total commitment to quality, the staff of Master-level massage therapists all have a minimum of five years of professional experience, while many have ten years or more.
Basic treatments include:
Rose Petal Bath

Rose Petal Bath

  • The Classic Master’s Massage: Eases pain or tension, boosts circulation, and alleviates mental stress.
  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage: Focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue, releasing chronic patterns of tension through slow strokes and deep pressure.
  • Indo-Asian Hot Stone Massage: Warm stones are gently placed on and under your body. As you are massaged with the stones, you feel the stress melt away as your body relaxes deeply. Stone massage has a profound effect on the mind and body while facilitating the treatment process.
  • Thai Massage: A sublime body workout that employs pressure points and stretching techniques to release tension and increase vitality and flexibility. Guests wear loose-fitting clothing while receiving this treatment.
  • Rose Petal Baths: Sip Javanese ginger tea, nibble on fruits and a homemade organic truffle, enjoy the glow of the fireplace at your feet in winter, or the song of birds in summer, and luxuriate in an ocean of rose petals.
 Or enjoy one of our fabulous Deluxe 2-hour treatments. Each includes a specially formulated massage oil, a body mask, and a unique exfoliating scrub. These deluxe treatments include:
  • Javanese Lular: Leaves the skin soft, supple, and shining
  • Ocean and Flowers: Invigoration and Increases circulation while helping the body detoxify and break down fat cells.
  • Brown Sugar & Papaya Extravaganza: Soften and reviatalize the skin, restoring youthful radiance. Especially good for dry skin.
  • Balinese Boreh: Helps with muscle aches, arthritis, fever, headache, and to fight the common cold. Increases blood circulation and softens the skin
Plus an equally exotic selection of luxurious facials for your enjoyment.

Absolute Nirvana Spa and Gardens is located on the premises of The Madeleine In in the Heart of Santa Fe, one block north of Palace Avenue. Overnight reservations are available.

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“Sublime happiness! It is difficult to describe just how beautiful and unusual the layout, decor and vibe at Nirvana Spa, Tea Room & Gardens really is. It is such an unusual design that I can say with almost absolute certainty that you've never been to a spa like it.” - SantaFe.com

“Nirvana spa touches every nerve and every stressed point in your body. From the welcoming fire and bath, to the sensitive, yet firm touch of the practitioners, Santa Feans are in for a rare treat. Memories of my visit still linger. It truly was pure nirvana.” - J. Elaine Spear, Editor-at-Large for DaySpa magazine


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