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Southwestern College

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The College
PO Box 4788
Santa Fe, NM
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Phone: 877-471-5756
Counseling Center
St. Michael's Village West Shopping Center
1628 St. Michael's Dr.
Santa Fe, NM
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Phone: 505-471-8575

A graduate school offering masters degrees in counselling, art therapy and grief, loss and trauma counselling with a holistic and experiential approach to learning and psychology. Also offered, are community education courses in psychodrama, ecopsychology, somatic studies and grief studies. Southwestern Counseling Center offers low-cost counselling and art therapy in Santa Fe.

Graduate degrees at Southwestern College offer students a unique holistic approach to counselling that fosters a creative sense of self and the potential for change.. By incorporating emotional, mental, spiritual, and creative aspects of psychology into the coursework, the college prepares students to work with clients via a deep and meaningful therapeutic relationship.

Students meeting on campus

Students meeting on campus

Year one of the two-year Masters Degree programs emphasizes the students’ exploration of their own personal psychological transformation, laying the foundation for understanding the nature of change and its application in the helping professions.. In year two, students develop their professional identity and hone their clinical skills as they acquire the competencies needed for working in the mental health professions.

The Art Therapy program at Southwestern is one of the largest in the country, and the Grief, Loss, and Trauma program has been endorsed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. All of the certification programs connect the transformational and spiritual aspects of psychology with the professional  and practical skills needed for clinical competency.

The aura of Santa Fe, New Mexico where the campus is located, combined with the view of the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountains, the local spas and springs, and the spiritual and musical cultures perfectly complement the journey of the SWC student on the way to consciousness and a professional calling.

Students at SWC range in age from their 20s to their 60s. The underlying characteristic of all students at SWC is their commitment to self-knowledge and the desire to be of service to others. 

Students meeting on campus

Students meeting on campus

Graduates of SWC are uniquely qualified to take their place as transformational leaders in the world and are well prepared to fulfil licensure requirements in mental health counselling in both New Mexico and other states.

For more information about the courses, application requirements, and financial aid programs visit our Web site or contact our admissions office at 505-471-5756, x 26.

The Southwestern Counseling Center

The Southwestern Counseling Center provides affordable counselling to the community from a holistic mental health-care perspective. Student therapists provide general counselling, art therapy, and counselling in grief, loss, and trauma, utilizing a holistic psychology approach that addresses the emotional, mental, spiritual, and multicultural aspects of each client.

Issues addressed at the Southwestern Counseling Center include stress, depression, anxiety, financial concerns, alcohol and drug abuse, relationship problems, work issues, the loss of loved ones, and self exploration and personal growth. Appointments can be made at the Center by calling 505-471-8575


“I chose SWC because I wanted a different kind of educational experience. I really appreciate the personal and experiential approach.” Josh Farmer, Alum

“SWC has helped me tremendously in the process of deepening my own life experience, and in my ability to share truly and passionately with others.” – Lon Rankin, Alum

“I appreciate the way this program supports and honors my personal journey. It’s not just an education in art therapy: it’s an education in life.” - Brian Blocker, Art Therapy Alum

“Psychodrama has enriched both my personal and professional life, encouraging spontaneity, creativity and play. It supports radical self-acceptance for both therapist and client and provides tools to make the unseen and unknown, seen and known. I use if often in my work as a family therapist and find it particularly effective in building empathy and connection within family and community systems.” - Sue Shaffer, MA, LPCC, Alum

"On the Transformational Ecopsychology Certificate Program, “the vision quest was the most important decision I’ve made in my adult years. It offered me an opportunity to get to know myself at an even deeper level.” - Ivy Costello, current student

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