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New Mexico Natural Healing evolved from founder Joan Sotkin’s long-term vision of a project that would inform people about healthcare techniques that stimulate the body/mind/spirit’s innate healing abilities, prevent dis-ease, and minimize conditions normally associated with aging.

At this point in time, most people are familiar with the benefits of acupuncture, chiropracty, osteopathy, and nutritional supplementation. However, there is a world of natural techniques that are often underappreciated for their healing potential. In this category, you will find energy healing techniques, frequency medicine, and many forms of bodywork.

New Mexico is home to an unusual number of healing practitioners, many of whom were drawn here by a strong inner urge that defied explanation. Now, through this site, you can learn about techniques they offer that can help you achieve new levels of health and wellness, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

You will also find practitioners and businesses that can help your pets or provide products and services to maintain a healthy home.

Joan Sotkin

Joan began her personal healing in 1972 after being told that her many physical and emotional problems were all in her head. Because medical doctors had no answers for her, she began exploring whatever alternatives she could find.

As a result of her healing journey, which was long and sometimes arduous, Joan learned about a wide variety of healing techniques. And as her health improved, she committed to teaching others about what she had learned.

In 1995, while still living in California, Joan found the Internet and knew her future was tied to it. Within months, she built her first site, which has grown into the popular ProsperityPlace.com. After moving to New Mexico in 1996, she built a Website development company, helping small business owners establish an online presence. 

In 2001, Joan decided to concentrate on Prosperity Place, coaching people and distributing her books and audios via the site. She also produced 80 episodes of the podcast The Prosperity Show (www.TheProsperityShow.com).

By late 2006, Joan felt ready to create NMNaturalHealing.com. She brings her unique blend of alternative healing and Web site development experience to the project, which has been embraced by the State of New Mexico Department of Tourism, the Santa Fe Conventions and Visitors Bureau and the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce. 


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