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How to Use this Site:

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To find a practitioner or business

There are a number of ways you can find the resources you are looking for.

1. Search

When you first see a search box, it is set to find a practitioner. To locate a business, click the blue tab that says “Locate a Spa, Center, or Store.”

Our search is set up so you can find a practitioner or business by name, location, keyword, or the service they offer. Using the simple search boxes on the home page or the Find a Practitioner or Spa, Centers, & Stores pages, use just one parameter.

On our Advanced Search page, you can use one, two, or more parameters. Keep in mind that each parameter you add will lower the number of search results returned.

2. The left sidebar links

We’ve chosen a few main categories to place on the left sidebar. Use these when they apply to what you are looking for.

3. The links on the top and bottom navigation bars
To contact a practitioner or business

Use the email link on the listing or, if a phone number is given, call. We have asked our listing clients to respond within one business day.