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Annette Canter-Groenfeldt


Alexander Technique

Energy Healing and Balancing

ReConnective Therapy

Years In Business:
19 Years 
Senior teacher, Member of the American Society of the Alexander Technique 
Length of Appointments:
45 minutes 
Average Per Session Fees:
Client Focus:
All ages, all conditions. 
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Annette Canter-Groenfeldt

Alexander Technique and ReConnective Therapy Practitioner

Structural Alignment and Energy healing

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe, NM
Camino Santander
Santa Fe, NM
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By appointment

Phone: 505- 670 0474

Alexander Technique gently realigns the body using hands-on guidance to correct habitual patterns and teaches you to use your mind to maintain the alignment. ReConnective Therapy facilitates stress release, pain management, and transformational energy healing of emotional and physical habit patterns.  

Annette’s clients experience immediate relief from pain and discomfort while at once learning how to continue to improve over time on their own. Clients reconnect with their energy body, making information available that creates greater health and balance in that moment.

Conditions Annette has treated include:
  • Back issues
  • Scoliosis
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Rehabilitation after injury
  • Weight loss
  • Stress relief
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Acute flu
  • Emotional Suffering
The techniques used by Annette can then readily be learned by the client and applied immediately, empowering the client to contribute to their own transformation. This ability to manage their own care is often cited as a major benefit of the Alexander Technique.

RCT facilitates the immediate re-connection with the template of health universally available, producing lasting changes. Clients often feel better immediately and learn how to improve their situation themselves over time.

Annette’s work de-crystallizes the energy field, loosening up old belief structures, which can then be integrated and transformed. Providing healing through alinment in the body and the mind, it empowers her clients to connect with their source of creativity within, to engage with greater joy and confidence in their daily activities.

People leave a session with Annette feeling at once more centered and lighter in their body and mind, and profoundly relaxed.

Annette’s experience as a singer allows her to bring an intimate knowledge of the breath, voice, and natural rhythm to the sessions, which range from practical instructions about moving with alignment to connecting to the energy body for transformational healing.

Annette graduated from the American Center for Alexander Technique in NYC in 1985, and trained in ReConnective Therapy with Herwig Schoen, the founder, in 2013.

“There is no greater joy for me then to experience another person waking up to their own power to live fully and in harmony with their life’s purpose! The body is such an awesome vehicle, that we want to treat it with the greatest respect and enjoy every moment in it, as best as we can!” – Annette Cantor-Groenfeldt


"I've been taking Alexander lessons for many years, from some  excellent teachers. But I had never found a teacher whose depth of knowledge, sensitivity to body and soul, yet practical application of the Alexander Technique has so greatly transformed the beneficial workings of my body as Annette Cantor-Groenfeldt. More concretely, I sought help from Annette following major neurosurgery on my cervical spine. I had lost most of the nerve functions and strength in my right arm. Since studying Alexander with Annette, I am well on my way to fuIl recovery of that strength, and I know that our work together  has been a major factor in this recovery. It has also been a joy to work with her!"
Mike, writer

“Annette is truly a healer. Her touch is soothing and put me into a deep state of relaxation every session. Her way of teaching Alexander Technique is light and clear and gave me an amazing feeling of spaciousness and lightness in my body, providing relief from tension and stress caused by an accident several years ago. I can't recommend her highly enough.”
Judy, designer

"In just a few sessions with Annette, I understood the ‘artistic breath’ and how to use it in a presentation. Whether it be a book reading, singing, acting, athletics ... any creative, physical expression can be enhanced by an understanding of thebreath. Annette showed me how to focus on the sounds, not the words—a new and very effective way to connect with listeners at readings, talks and in classroom workshops. Backache and stiff neck from sitting too long at my computer was relieved by Annette’s deft use of the Alexander Technique. With a few slight movements she showed me how achieve erect posture, yet still feel completely at ease. This continues to help me, whether I am standing in front of a classroom or sitting at my computer, doing a reading or a book signing. I highly recommend working with Annette Cantor-Groenfeldt. No matter the area of physical expression you seek, Annette can help you to reach your full potential.
Kate, author and public speaker

Annette Groenfeldt does this super subtle healing work. Because it is so subtle those that respond well to vibrational and frequency work will be surprised just how effective this kind of energy healing is and really notice a difference after a session. i did.”
Stephanie, healer

 “Just a few words to say thank you to Annette for her healing practice and gratitude for her help and support. I had so much lower back and left hip pain- it felt bashed and bruised - and after some time it seemed to lift and dissipate .
Vivienne, painter


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