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Chantal Fidanza


Intuitive Healing

Psychic and Intuitive Readings

Spiritual Healing

Years In Business:
12 Years 
Certified Light Journey Guide, Reiki Master 
Length of Appointments:
1-2 hours 
Average Per Session Fees:
$65.00 to $135.00 
Client Focus:
Empaths, healers, or anyone just starting on the spiritual path 
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Chantal Fidanza

Certified Light Journey Guide, Intuitive Healer, Intuition Trainer

Hours & Locations:

Lone Butte Sanct.
1448 S. St. Francis Dr.
Santa Fe, NM
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By Appointment

Phone: 505-438-1074

Chantal acts as a loving guide as clients retrieve the deepest wisdom from their highest self in order to remove blocks and open channels within their energy field, thus facilitating physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Because Chantal provides a mirror of health for her clients, they are able to tap into the wellness that is already present within their being. No matter how out of balance or “unwell” the client my feel in the moment, the energetic reflection provided by Chantal allows wellbeing to emerge.

Chantal’s work is similar to an intuitive, psychic, or energy reading. During a session, she receives information regarding a client’s energy field along with messages pertaining to the client’s wellbeing or guidance needed to reach that state. Chantal perceives her role as that of a midwife assisting her clients to give birth to a stronger and more effective connection to their highest state of being.


Clients are provided with instructions in grounding and techniques for meditating and clearing the energy field. Chantal also provides coaching for staying in touch with inner guidance and maintaining balanced energy, which is helpful for everyone, but especially for those who are empathetic or sensitive energetically.

Chantal’s clients report experiencing:
  • ·         Increased intuition
  • ·         A keen sense of their own intuitive style
  • ·         Greater clarity
  • ·         Self-trust and empowerment in all areas of life
  • ·         Harmonious relationships
  • ·         Clarity about their life purpose
  • ·         Increased creativity
  • ·         Improved health
  • ·         More energy and enthusiasm for life in general
  • ·         Greater faith in their ability to create the life they envision

A wide variety of conditions respond to Chantal’s guidance including depression, chronic pain, digestive disturbances, recurrent respiratory ailments and other chronic conditions.

Like many healers, Chantal’s talents emerged as a result of her own need for healing. In 2005, she became a Reiki Master and Certified Light Journey Guide, a designation bestowed by the Spiritheal Institute. She often collaborates with other intuitive practitioners to continue her own growth and healing. Her personal transformation inspires her to share her knowledge and gifts with others.


"I feel immense gratitude in having the opportunity to work with Chantal.  I always felt as though she provided me with unconditional acceptance and compassion coupled with a razor sharp intuition.  Chantal is a very radiant light that has helped me to discover and recover the light within me." GS-Cleveland, Ohio
"Light journeys with Chantal have honestly been the most empowering experiences I have ever known. I find these light journeys more relevant and sustainable than other readings I have experienced because they cultivate a wisdom that resides inside all of us." Marie Hershman, San Diego, CA

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