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Karen Joan Jimenez




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Years In Business:
28 Years 
Length of Appointments:
30 to 60 minutes 
Average Per Session Fees:
$35/half hour, $65/hr 
Accepted Insurance Plans:
Client Focus:
People who need help and guidance in their lives. 
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Karen Joan Jimenez

Intuitive Numerologist

Offering intuitive guidance using Numerology and Astrology.

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment
Mon-Fri 9 to 5

Phone: 505-690-8758
Karen Joan Jimenez readings incorporate a unique blend of metaphysical numerology and the wisdom of astrology, a combination that empowers her clients and enables them to live more expansive, peaceful lives. Whether dealing with specific challenges or looking for general guidance, Karen’s accurate readings help her clients find new levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance.
Karen believes that numerology teaches that we all have unique talents, traits, and gifts that support us individually, and by intuitively tapping into the meaning and symbolism of the numbers within one’s name and birth date, those talents and gifts are revealed. This, along with astrological transits, provides answers to questions people have about overcoming challenges and making wise decisions. 
Clients find great value in yearly readings as well as periodic consultations that help them:
  • Understand themselves and their loved ones
  • Discover their innate talents
  • Live their life purpose and manifest what they need to satisfy their soul urge
  • Accept their own uniqueness
  • Overcome challenges
  • Act wisely when opportunities present themselves
At an early age, Karen’s mother introduced her to metaphysics and her studies in this field have had a profound effect on her. Metaphysics, numerology, astrology, and other techniques provide the foundation that allows Karen to live her life fully and share her talents with others.
Karen’s study of numerology began in 1987 under the tutelage of Virginia Fabre and she continues her studies to this day. She has a deep love for numbers and a great respect for astrology. Karen says, “My major is numerology, my minor is astrology, but my intuition is always present.”

Karen offers both in-person and phone consultations.


“I've had 3 annual readings with Karen Joan and have always felt focused and enlightened after each reading. Last year, her gentle accuracy was unmistakable and it led me through a very difficult time. I am forever grateful” --Stephanie Duran.

”I found Karen's readings to be insightful and thorough. She researches and tailors each reading specifically to the client. Her passion for the work and clairvoyance are undeniable. I always feel that she understands my life path and explains what she sees in my future in a loving and informative manner. I highly recommend Karen's talents.”-- Sue Keelin.

“I was surprised when during a reading Karen asked me if I smoke. When I told her I did, she said it was imperative that I stop. The next week, I found out I was pregnant. I was so glad I heeded your warning and gave up smoking the day of our reading. Thank you.”
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