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38 Years 
Certified Hypnotherapist, Minister Universal Life Church  
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Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive

Helping you find the Truth of who you are

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2872 State Hwy.14
Madrid, NM
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Mon-Sun 8-11 AM, 5-7 PM MST

Phone: 505-424-4467

Amita provides practical guidance and transformative experiences to people on a spiritual path.  Looking deeply into each person, she uses her abilities as a seer, gently pinpointing any blocks or misunderstanding that need addressing physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  By getting right to the source of the problem, Amita helps her clients open beyond their problems while guiding them to take their next step.

  “When you begin to gaze into the eyes of your God Self, you will
become aware of your presence, your radiance, your
natural intelligence, and your true beauty.”

Since she first started on her spiritual path in the 1960s in San Francisco, Amita has been both a seeker and teacher. She has studied the works of evolved souls such as Einstein, Ghandi, Ram Das, Baba Hari Das and Baba Muktananda and has lived in spiritual vortexes including the jungles of Hawaii; Santa Cruz CA; and now in Madrid, New Mexico, about 20 miles outside of Santa Fe.

In Amita’s presence, people are filled with a sense of calm and serenity as she leads them into the deeper regions of the Self. To quote one of her clients:

“Working with Amitá is the ultimate tool for knowing one’s self. She enables you to be in touch with your truths. You are able to see and experience your deepest fears along with your greatest strengths and wisdom. Amitá is a manifestation of pure love and support.”  Gloria Rothrock – Artist, Palm Springs, Ca.

Amita provides both private intuitive sessions and spiritual mentoring in person or by phone. She also conducts Satsang, which means The Company of the Truth), at her Hanuman’s A World Gallery and Center in Madrid.

At Satsang with Amita, people experience:

  • Teachings on the Absolute Reality
  • Understandings on how the individual perspective can support the Absolute Reality.
  • Contemplations on selfless service and how it can heal the world community.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Sound and silence

Here are some excerpts from the wisdom Amita has shared during Satsang:

·         “Begin to honor and love your own being and then let that love spread to others. Meditate on seeing God in all of humanity. It will open you to the understanding that we are all manifestations of consciousness itself. Understanding this is real wisdom.”

·         “If separation is an illusion, then the God I see in the mirror is the same God that you see in your mirror. If the God looking out of my eyes is the same God looking out of your eyes, it is God looking at God.”

·         “Seeing God in all manifestations of creation is a high form of spiritual practice. Remember where ever we focus our minds our lives will follow.”

·         “Identify your self as a unique expression of the same aliveness that is in all of creation.”

·         “We all come from one source, and through God’s delight we have manifested in many forms. The source is the same, we are our brothers and we are our sisters. We are the earth that we stand on as well as the night sky full of stars.”

For more about Amita and her work visit www.AmitaShakti.com


 “Amitá has been the catalyst for some of the best, the deepest and most liberating work I've done for myself. Her guided meditations are part spiritual journey, part psychological healing, and part psychic vision. She helps uncover my desires, find my voice, and on the deepest level possible, make room for my own truth. Her work is done gently and with grace - a reflection of her daily spiritual practice and the decades she has spent doing her own spiritual work. She brings tremendous compassion and presence to each session. With her gentle help I have shed grief, found professional direction, gained clarity about intimate relationships, and, perhaps best of all, have come home to my highest self. She is truly a gifted healer.”  -- Patrick, 39, writer and teacher

“When trying to understand one's life and make important changes, workinf with someone who has the wisdom to facilitate true growth is imperative. Amitá embodies those qualities and has been an invaluable teacher and guide for me on my personal journey. She creates a place of safety and support, and her love and enlightened perspective have helped me discover and develop my own gifts.”   Barbara Baratta

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