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Bernard Gross


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Intuitive healing, Spiritual counseling
Years In Business:
40 Years 
Length of Appointments:
60 minutes 
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Bernard Gross

Life Coach and Healing Practitioner

Find Your Soul Purpose and Live It

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment
M-F 8am to 5 pm MST

Phone: 505 474 5694

Bernard Gross helps people look within themselves to find their soul purpose. He aids clients in accessing their soul level, so they can understand their connection to Source. With Bernard’s coaching, clients can gain new perspective, enabling them to make good life choices. Clients learn to identify and avoid unimportant distractions to develop the increased clarity and confidence needed to approach life’s difficult decisions.

Life coach and healing practitioner Bernard Gross helps you look deep within yourself to find your soul purpose, and develop the attitude to make wise, sensitive choices aligned with that purpose. He offers a range of services including soul readings for individuals and couples, business readings, and medical intuitive services. His counselling is completely non-judgemental and comes from a place of deep love.

Understand and Take Control of Your Choices

Your perspective and feelings about your life situation, health, and relationships affect your ability to handle them. Getting in touch with your soul purpose can help you find meaning in life and the strength to manage life’s difficulties. Bernard has helped clients worldwide from all backgrounds -- in person, by phone, and through his transformational workshops on “The Power of Now" -- to understand how their choices relate to their soul purpose, thus enabling them to take control of their physical well-being and to make smart choices in their personal and business relationships.

Many times your own fears, unresolved issues from past trauma, and ingrained beliefs hamper your ability to make good life decisions. Bernard understands that each of us is a god and chooses his or her own fate. Developing a better understanding of one’s soul purpose and achieving greater clarity of thought helps you to identify your options and discover the right choices.

If you are dealing with a difficult medical condition, Bernard can help you understand how your own deep-seated beliefs can be barriers to effectively handling your situation. He can help you to explore options beyond traditional medical practices and to identify what choices are right for you. Ultimately, you have the power and insight to determine what your condition will be.

Drawing from his 30 years of experience counselling clients, as well as his own spiritual journey that has included TM, meditation, the ARICA Mystery School, Shamballa, EST, and Sufism Insight, Bernard helps people find a feeling of love and increased confidence. He helps clients avoid distractions and distinguish between important and unimportant life events. With this renewed perspective, clients can find the focus needed to manage relationship, career, and health issues.


“Bernard’s reading helped me own my creations with more confidence. He left me fully empowered….I would recommend Bernard to anyone unsure of what their situation is and not knowing what to do next.” - H. Dorst, Feng Shui Teacher, Vancouver

“My joy just deepened and made me realize bigger insights about myself and others than ever before.” - F. Laimboeck, Somatic Polarity Practitioner, Amsterdam

“The laser-like light of the Divine shines through Bernard and illuminates. He is masterful at grounding your soul’s purpose into practical application, ready for our earthly manifestation.” - J. Klarfield, Artist, Santa Fe

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