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Years In Business:
21 Years 
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Carol M. Olmstead, FSII

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Attract prosperity, love, health, harmony, and abundance.

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment
Monday - Saturday

Phone: 505-690-1814

Carol Olmstead, Feng Shui For Real Life, provides practical Feng Shui consulting services for home and business, as well as customized workshops and training for individuals and groups. She uses her professional background, natural intuitive skills, and business savvy to correct inauspicious situations and help people make improvements in their lives.

Improve Your Surroundings, Improve Your Life

Your surroundings, whether home or business, have a profound effect on what you attract into your life. When the energy around you is blocked or unbalanced, your prosperity, relationships, health, and well-being can be affected. When energy is balanced, good things naturally flow into your life. Carol Olmstead's approach to Feng Shui creates balance in your life and work through appropriate placement of the objects around you in regard to shape, color, size, and texture.

Carol practices a contemporary, practical, and real-world approach to Feng Shui that allows individuals to use what they already have or what they want to acquire. She helps individuals in both residential and commercial settings:

  • Increase wealth
  • Find love
  • Enhance relationships
  • Improve health
  • Reduce stress
  • Achieve harmony
  • Unblock creativity
  • Conquer clutter
  • Change careers
  • Increase business
  • Buy and Sell Real Estate (even in a down market)

Attract the Good Things You Want in Your Life

Carol's process is a combination of Feng Shui consulting and coaching: she spends time getting to know her clients, educating them in the principals of Feng Shui, and making recommendations that fit the way they want to live in their homes and work in their offices .

Carol received her training and certification from the Feng Shui Institute of America in 1997 and has since taught thousands of people the simple secrets of Feng Shui. She works with clients nationwide, with a focus in the Southwest (Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Los Alamos). A sought-after speaker, Carol Olmstead has inspired diverse groups ranging from 5 to 500. Her customized sessions range from “munch-and-learn” workshops to half-day and full-day seminars. She is also a frequent a keynote speaker and has presented to a wide variety of industries.


"For almost 30 years, I suffered from serious bouts of insomnia and tried every remedy with no luck. It wasn’t until Carol assessed my bedroom that I found some relief. I now sleep deeply and through the entire night, almost every night. (It) has been truly life-altering." - K.S., California

"I held an Open House on Sunday, received two offers on Tuesday, and sold my house on Wednesday for what I wanted—even though the market is slow! I thank Carol for all her help and recommendations to make my house sell so quickly!" - M.L., Realtor, Washington, DC

"As a psychologist I transform lives using the powers of intention and attraction, working with Carol took me to the next level, bringing my outer life into alignment with what I am creating inside. Her practical application of Feng Shui is essential to the transformation process!" - M.A., Transformational Coach, Santa Fe

"Since I put your Feng Shui recommendations into practice last year, I have fallen madly in love, paid in full for a new car, and am getting ready to move into a fabulous new house. And to think when I began this process I thought I would have to choose between a car or an apartment!" - C.W., Consultant, Albuquerque

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