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33 Years 
Mari El Practitioner, M.A. Art Therapy, Reiki I 
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Cecilia Gordon

Energy Healer and Art Therapist

Healthful living with spirit through energy balancing and art

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Santa Fe
1827 San Ysidro Crossing
Santa Fe, NM
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Tues & Thurs 9am - 3pm, evenings and weekends by appointment

Phone: 505-424-0155

Cecilia Gordon treats each of her clients as an individual, designing creative processes tailored to resolve inner and outer conflicts. Her approach uses the tools and techniques of art therapy in combination with a specialized form of Reiki, Mari El, to encourage healing. Cecilia specializes in working with adults who desire a deeper connection to their inner self.

Cecilia assists her clients in connecting to their own soul allowing the exploration of their creativity and blending of their inner and outer consciousness. She uses touch to balance chakras and assess how to begin a verbal dialog with spirit. This practice can smooth or enhance the flow of physical, mental and emotional energies of the client resulting in a greater sense of peace and a clearer understanding of one’s personal power.

While Cecilia uses Mari El to aid in more clearly defining each client’s issues, energy work and art therapy play a key role in helping to access the soul or the spirit of each individual. A professionally trained artist, she chooses therapeutic artistic approaches depending on the individual’s stated goal and the current blockages sensed through the laying on of hands. The techniques vary with each person. Some examples include:

  • role play for exploring psychic material
  • process painting for transforming emotions
  • collage for externalizing unconscious material

Cecilia trained with Ethel Lombardi, a master of Reiki widely credited with the creation of Mari El. She also completed her Master of Arts in Art Therapy from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2000.

Cecilia finds joy in helping clients move in to Spirit and unlocking the dormant forces that live within all of us. She believes that harmony, peace, and well being start with allowing the healing to begin from the inside.


"I felt that Cecilia approached me as a 'whole person' and she took the time to get a picture of what was going on in my life before she started her healing. I could sense that she tailored each healing session to fit the challenges I was working with at the time. I feel that my life is better because of the assistance offered by Cecilia."  -  M.N.S., Minneapolis

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