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Dawn Abriel



Integrative Practitioner

Medical Doctor

Additional Services

Metaphor Medicine, Music In Mind, mobile medicine (house calls), urgent care
Years In Business:
32 Years 
D.O., American College of Emergency Physicians certified  
Length of Appointments:
1-2 hours 
Average Per Session Fees:
$100 per hour (sliding scale available) 
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Dawn R. Abriel, DO

Integrative Medical Counselor and Urgent Care Physician

Holistic Medical Care for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment

Phone: 505-438-1820
Cell: 505-670-1718

Because people are more than the sum of their physical symptoms, Dr. Dawn Abriel engages in dynamic listening partnerships with her patients to fully understand their physical and emotional needs. Focusing on the person and not just the disease, she develops a holistic treatment plan to address body, mind, and spirit issues. Dr. Abriel helps patients understand their beliefs, feelings, and needs, so they can make choices that promote peace, wholeness, and health.

Dr. Abriel provides a broad, complementary variety of holistic treatment approaches, designed to help her patients discover the grace that evolves from self-love and the nature of their habits and mindset. From Metaphor Medicine and Music in Mind, both developed by Dr. Abriel, to psychotherapeutic counseling, her range of techniques helps patients understand that their “physical form is a reflection of all the choices they make.” She works with patients to choose from the treatment modalities that best address their medical and emotional needs.

Metaphor Medicine is based on a philosophy of promoting peace from the inside, not only to treat symptoms, but to heal the whole person. Whatever the initial complaint, physical (headaches, digestives problems, chronic bladder infections) or psychological (poor self-esteem), clients who have experienced Metaphor Medicine have discovered the tools for examining their assumptions and restoring equilibrium in their lives.

Music in Mind is a unique treatment process that Dr. Abriel has developed to prepare clients for surgery. She compiles a personalized, three to six hour recorded collection of instructions, educational information, music, and poetry for the client that can be played before, during, and after a surgical procedure.

In her Mobile Medicine practice, Dr. Abriel meets with patients in their homes to develop a full understanding of their lives. Her psychotherapeutic style of counseling is client centered and solution based. 

The common thread among all of Dawn's techniques is her recognition that physical symptoms are not isolated physiological dysfunctions that can be medicated and dismissed; rather there is a continuous feedback system linking all the chemical reactions of our existence. Even the very process of thinking is a biochemical event with direct and indirect consequences to the functioning of the whole. When ideas about life, work, love, etc., are consistent with reality, one’s biochemistry supports healthy thinking, eating, and doing and sustained well-being is possible.

Dr. Dawn Abriel is trained in both Western medicine and Eastern philosophies. She began her medical career as a nurse, later attending medical school and completing a residency in emergency medicine. She is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and was certified by the College of Emergency Physicians. After working as an Emergency Physician in New Mexico hospitals, she founded the non-profit urgent care organization Mobile Medicine.

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