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Registered Nurse
Years In Business:
49 Years 
Registered Nurse 
Length of Appointments:
1-2 hours 
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Client Focus:
Anyone wanting support to be with a dying loved one, or facing their own death. 
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Denys Cope

Registered Nurse and End-of-Life Coach

Find Strength in Understanding the Dying Process

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment
Mon-Fri 9a-7p

Phone: 505-474-8383


Although death is a natural part of life, most people tend to be uncomfortable or fearful around it. Denys Cope, an experienced hospice nurse and end-of-life coach, helps her clients overcome their fears and understand the dying process. Providing gentle guidance to individuals and their families, she helps clients open to the richness of life during their final days, making the dying process a profound experience.

Dying or facing the death of a loved one is difficult, but with support, we can discover the life lessons death has to teach us. Working with the dying and their loved ones for over 20 years as a hospice nurse, End-of-Life Coach Denys Cope has discovered how information and awareness of the dying process can help families find their way through this challenging experience. Denys’ coaching helps people to see beyond their pain and fears, enabling them to be present for their dying loved ones and to discover the gifts that are available.

Those who are facing death can learn how to overcome feelings of guilt and fears of burdening their families.

Through education and support, many people are able to experience a peaceful death at home or in an inpatient facility. For those who stay in the hospital or nursing homes, death can also occur in a peaceful and supportive environment, where they can find comfort in their increased awareness and the enhanced support of family members.

 Denys hopes that her clients continue their learning process by sharing knowledge with others. In doing so, people are able normalize this natural process, helping everyone to release guilt and misconceptions about past experiences and to face future experiences with greater understanding.

In addition to coaching the dying and their families, Denys works to demystify death and dying for the general population. She firmly believes that this information is part of our fundamental education about life. Denys has acquired an understanding of death firsthand through her work with the dying and their loved ones. A registered nurse for more than 40 years, she has worked as a hospice nurse for more than two decades. Denys is the author of the book Dying: A Natural Passage, and has been lecturing and presenting workshops on the subject for the past 12 years.


“Denys’s information enabled my late wife and me to spend our last two months together living instead of dying.”

-- K. M., Santa Fe, NM

“Very useful information we all need.”

-- R.S., Santa Fe, NM
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