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Flower essences, psychic development, woman?s spirituality, visualization, affirmations, past life regression, emotional body clearing.
Years In Business:
35 Years 
Length of Appointments:
75 minutes 
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Essie Silverman

Director, Running Your Life

Remember Who You Are and Reclaim Your Power!

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
7 Avenida Vista Grande, #196
Santa Fe, NM
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Monday -Thursday, 10 am - 5 pm, evenings by appointment

Phone: 505-920-5748

Essie Silverman’s Running Your Life program will help you discover the aspects of your mind that are counter-productive and create unsatisfactory results in your business and personal life. With this awareness, you can make more empowered decisions and the changes necessary to live a more fulfilled and conscious life.

The Running Your Life program was developed to help individuals recognize their Divinity and reclaim their innate power. As you become conscious of the aspects of your mind that affect how you live, love, and work, you can make fully empowered decisions about how you live and what you change. 

The benefits of the Running Your Life program are immediate and ongoing. You can expect to:

  • Recognize that you are already powerful in this world
  • Be and live in the moment
  • Experience life knowing you are supported by the Universe and never alone
  • Put you past into a useful perspective
  • Make decisions based on knowledge that you are safe and not searching for security
  • Living on your personal “Trust Fund”
  • Know that everything that happens, happens for you
  • Living as if you have all the time in the world

While sessions with Essie can benefit anyone who wants to explore strategies for living and working as fully empowered adults, they are highly recommended for:

  • Individuals dealing with intense life changes
  • Couples looking for new ways to experience emotional intimacy
  • Individuals coping with illness who are seeking empowerment in addition to their current medical modalities
  • Adults recovering from sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse
  • Children who are dealing with challenges such as bullying and change

For more than 30 years, Essie Silverman has studied and practiced various healing modalities. Her experience encompasses a broad array of healing techniques, including the use of flower essences, energy work, psychic development, meditation, woman’s spirituality, visualization, affirmations, past life regression, emotional body clearing, massage, and processes developed by Machalle Wright at the Perelandra Center for Nature Research. She has artfully combined this life-long educational journey to help others reclaim their own personal power in the Universe.

Essie has written the “Who’s Running Your Life?” Handbook, which you will receive at your first personal session. She offers Running Your Life coaching sessions, Insight and Intuitive Channel Sessions, and Flower Essences and Healing Sessions. She incorporates Perelandra processes into all areas of her work, calling on the nature devas and healing energies to partner with you in creating what you desire.


“I went to Essie for help deciding which of my part-time jobs I should focus on. I left with a plan for creating my own business!  Sessions are creative, insightful, and energizing. She has a remarkable ability to hold space.” -  Nancy Gray, Santa Fe, NM

“I find Essie Silverman’s adult/kid paradigm to be a wonderful way to clearly remind myself that we have opportunities and choices about how we do our lives. Her trainings are full of information that I continue to use for myself and my clients.” -  Katlin Hecox, LMFT, Santa Fe, NM

“To be in session with Essie is to realize one’s authentic self. I not only felt at one with universal energy, but afterwards was able to feel at one with the world around me.” -  Martha Kerr, Powell, OH

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