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Spiritual counseling, bodywork, healing meditations
Years In Business:
20 Years 
LMT, Certified Breath Work Practitioner, Minister 
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Juli Somers

Psychic, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, BreathWork Practitioner

Heal and awaken to live your soul's purpose.

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Santa Fe
826 Camino de Monte Rey, A1
Santa Fe, NM
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Phone: 505-920-4418

Juli Somers promotes self-healing through the instruction of self-healing meditation and intuitive tools and individual healing sessions. Through her teaching, bodywork, intuitive readings, breathwork, spiritual counselling and ministry, she serves as a facilitator for change and growth in the lives of her students and clients.

"A true spiritual teacher helps you remove that which separates you from the truth of who you already are and what you already know in the depth of your being. The spiritual teacher is there to uncover and reveal to you that dimension of inner depth that is also peace."  - Eckhart Tolle

Everything You Need is Already Inside

For over 14 years, Juli Somers has supported others in their healing process, believing that individuals are innately given everything they need to heal themselves. 

"Because we all live in an energetic world, if one understands how to develop and care for their own energy, they can live a life of peace and well-being," says Juli. "As we heal ourselves, we heal others, and the world."

Juli teaches people to access their own information and connect with their authentic energy. She assists people in seeing beyond the story to the underlying soul lesson, thus allowing a release of stagnant emotions and outdated belief systems, and enabling them to more consciously create their life.

In private sessions, Juli offers spiritual healings to move old and foreign energies, psychic readings to reveal energy patterns affecting an individual, and breathwork to help individuals release emotions stored in the body, thereby increasing health and spiritual well being.

It is Your Birthright to be Joyful

Specific goals Juli works on may include:
  • Increasing your connection to spirit by deepening your relationship with yourself
  • Understanding and releasing stuck energy and energetic patterns
  • Spiritual healing at the causal level of physical, emotional, and mental imbalances
  • Releasing stress and cultivating a peaceful mind
  • Advancing your awareness, understanding, everyday use, and control of your own psychic abilities
  • Learning self-healing meditation
  • Creating your life consciously

Juli began her healing practice in body-centered therapies, graduating from Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing in 1994. She went on to study the Berkeley Psychic Institute curriculum for three years at the Intuitive Healing Center in Taos and Santa Fe, where she earned her ministerial and intuitive teacher degrees in 1998, and served as Associate Director for three years. In 2002, Juli founded the Center for Inner Truth. Most recently Juli became certified as a Breath Work practitioner through the Breath of Life training program in 2005.


“I spent 25 years in therapy trying to get at the root cause of my anger. I learned more and healed from my awareness in a two hour workshop with Juli than I did in all those years of therapy."  - ML, Entrepreneur

“The level of healing I experience during Breath Work is profound, and grows in intensity and depth with each session." - AJ, Therapist

“I have listened to the tape of my psychic reading with Juli many times over this past year. I couldn’t believe that someone could so accurately describe how I have felt most of my life and why, and how it still continues to help me grow." - GC, Lawyer

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