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Usui Reiki, SSR Reiki
Years In Business:
14 Years 
Reiki Usui Master and Teacher, Intuitive Reiki, SSR Reiki and crystal healing.  
Length of Appointments:
1 - 2 Hours 
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Julianne Wagner

Certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

Access the universe's power for healing and growth

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
Sessions by appointment only. Classes forming regularly

Julianne Wagner specializes in Usui Reiki, as well as intuitive Reiki, SSR Reiki, and crystal healing. She offers these services hands-on, hands-off, or across distances, based on which approach best serves her client. The improvements her clients experience may be as common as reducing stress, or as complex as giving up an addiction. Her practice is not limited to humans -- she also uses Reiki to aid small animals and horses.

Julianne is a certified Reiki Usui Master and Teacher, and is also certified in Intuitive Reiki, SSR, and crystal healing. She draws upon the power of Reiki's universally available energy to help her clients...

  • Feel better in their bodies
  • Feel better about their lives
  • Take charge of the changes they want to make

By assisting people in becoming aware of the healing potential of Reiki, Julianne's clients learn to access its power to make the changes in their lives that they have wanted, whether it is to reduce stress and pain, have more stamina, or feel connected to others.

Julianne works with adults and children who simply wish to have a more balanced, empowered life, as well as those who are experiencing chronic conditions, neurological issues, and emotional, psychological, and spiritual concerns. Children with ADD/ADHA find that Reiki helps them to focus and find a calm center that they are able to take with them.

The benefits of Reiki are many: Julianne’s clients report great success with neurological issues when they have had her Reiki treatments. During pregnancy and childbirth, Julianne uses Reiki to benefit both mother and fetus, even during the birth process. Reiki energy can reduce the effects of pain from migraines, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, and can help people to:

  • Overcome destructive habits such as smoking
  • The consequences of many negative emotional fixations
  • Find centeredness
  • Lose weight
  • Take control of their lives

Julianne's believes in teaching her clients how to do Reiki themselves. As the conduit of the energy and the facilitator of the process, Julianne assists the client in learning to empower themselves, to gain better control, and to progress through their own healing and growth.

Julianne studied all levels of Reiki with David Gleekel, assisting in his Reiki classes and Student Clinics while undergoing training. In addition, she has studied Intuitive Reiki with Amy Rowland, SKHM with Diane Shewmaker, as well as SSR, crystal healing, and some Shamanics. She is a minister with the Universal Life Church. Julianne also makes beautiful, healing jewelry using stones and crystals, each of which have a specific intention, created to a client’s individual need – only the wearer knows its purpose.

Reiki works to the individual’s highest good; Julianne Wagner's skill and training in Usui Reiki enables her clients to access this amazing energetic power. She works with people both in person and by phone and also does distance healing.


“I don’t understand how Reiki works. I don’t understand why Reiki works. I only know that Julianne’s Reiki treatments cured my migraines caused by stress and eyestrain. I am grateful that Reiki works.” – V.E., Washington, DC

“I had two knee replacement surgeries. Between my skilled surgeon and Julianne’s Reiki, I walk better now than I have for years and with NO pain. Because of Reiki, I had less pain and made the fastest recovery my doctor had seen. Now I am able to travel again." – L.S., Los Angeles, CA

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