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Laurran Mairs


Animal Communicator

Pet Health

Years In Business:
15 Years 
Animal Communication Certificates 1 and 2 
Length of Appointments:
30 - 60 minutes 
Average Per Session Fees:
Client Focus:
I like to work with any animal. 
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Laurran Mairs

Animal Communicator

Healthier Pets, Happier Humans

Hours & Locations:

2525 Chelwood Park Blvd, Apt.B
Albuquerque, NM
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By appointment

Phone: 505 292-1939

Laurran Mairs communicates with animals in order to help them heal or to eliminate behavioral problems in their current issue. She applies her skill to helping the owners or other animals in the household integrate a new pet to the household or to finding closure when a beloved canine or feline has passed away.

Behavioral problems in animals can often be the result of a misdiagnosed problem. Laurran uses her ability to read an animal’s chakras and her ability to communicate with them to resolve these behavioral issues. Her work with pets and their owners often results in:

  • Happier home lives for the cat or dog,
  • Reduced veterinarian bills for the owner,
  • Avoidance of having to put a pet to sleep,
  • Emotional closure for owners who have lost a pet

Laurran is certified in Animal Communication and trained under another skilled animal communicator. She also trained under a channel and uses her ability to listen to Great Spirit to help her facilitate communication between human and animal, living and dead.

Laurran sees her ability as a gift and her mission is to help abused and abandoned animals find homes and health.


“My dog trinity was having many thyroid problems. The vet put her on a lot of medication. Laurran treated her and I took her back to the vet. She is now on very little meds. She is playful and active again because of Laurran's work.”   SD Durango, Colorado

“I picked my dog up from the pound. The people there said she was dropped off. I called Laurran. She was listless and hid all of the time. Laurran worked on her and now she is playful, just like a new puppy. Thank you Laurran.”   R.V. Albuquerque, New Mexico

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