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Bookkeeping with a heart!
Years In Business:
32 Years 
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Client Focus:
Small business owners 
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Lyra Grant

Trust in Numbers

Bookkeeping with a personal touch for small business

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment

Phone: 505-983-4003

If, like many small business owners, you’d rather do what you love to do and have someone else take care of the financial details, Lyra is the right person for you. She can set up your books, provide you with up-to-date reports so you don’t lose touch with your cash flow and take the financial burden off of your shoulders.

Lyra listens to her clients and quickly learns what they need and how to help them. The individual attention she gives her clients has the effect of reducing stress and creating peace of mind while increasing productivity.

Having Lyra take care of your financial records can create a more business-like atmosphere for you and your company. She will develop an individualized program for you, helping you set up your books, if that’s what you need, and providing ongoing service. Her solutions to your financial problems are often creative and always accurate.

Lyra has been helping small business owners take care of their money since 1985. She is passionate about what she does and offers a free consultation so you can see if there is a match.


“My books were such a mess—I thought I’d never get them straightened out. But you did it I really appreciate what you did for me and my business.” -Donna K., Santa Fe

“I used to hate to deal with my money because I really didn’t know what I was doing. With your help, I actually enjoy taking care of my businesses finances. Your terrific.” -Paul T., Santa Fe

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