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Facilitator, Teacher
Years In Business:
27 Years 
Noetic Field Practioner, LPCC, Ordained Minister, M.A. - Spiritual Counseling 
Length of Appointments:
Average Per Session Fees:
$125-$200 + tax 
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Most insurance carriers cover LPCC 
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Rebecca Skeele, MA, MSS, LPCC

Noetic Field Counseling and Balancing

Discover Self Mastery as a CoCreator

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment
M - Th 9a - 6p

Phone: 505-984-1739

Rebecca Skeele uses a unique blend of counselling techniques, energy clearing modalities, and spiritual guidance to help you experience life as a spiritual being. Rebecca teaches self-mastery skills to facilitate personal growth and soul revelation. Through Noetic Field counselling, she can help you replace your life story with a fresh, new perception, enabling you to develop a new world view and become a CoCreator of heaven on earth.

Embrace your birthright and unlock your spirituality by altering your world view. Through Noetic Field counseling, Rebecca Skeele can help you overcome past hurts and personal limitations. By clearing and aligning your aura, she helps you to rediscover your own holiness.

The key to finding balance and experiencing life spiritually lies in understanding how your perception of your life story determines reality. Rebecca can help you to identify and understand your story-based world view, empowering you to reject the constraints created by the existing story, reshape your perspective, and engage your divinity. Rebecca will guide you in positively redefining your world view, so you can move beyond your external life circumstances to the divine CoCreation reality.

“I believe the client is the healer,” says Rebecca. Using radical compassionate witnessing and love, she can guide you to shift your personal reference points to create expansion, personal growth, and soul revelation. Rebecca works with men, women, couples, and business partners to help them:

  • Give up the human drama/trauma games
  • Clear their energy fields of past limiting conditions, fears, anxieties, beliefs, judgments and memories
  • Experience Self as Soul, creating a deep sense of peace, well-being, loving and acceptance.
  • Align the outer world of work, career, and relationships with the inner intention of authentic empowerment
  • Engage as a spiritual beings working for world change and achieving the highest good for all

CoCreate Your Personal Heaven on Earth

Rebecca’s wise and humorous approach to living as a CoCreator with God uplifts and inspires you to see yourself and your life in a new way. She can help you to discover your innate power to access your divine reality and CoCreate a personal heaven on earth.

Rebecca Skeele has master’s degrees in both Spiritual Counselling and Spiritual Science. An ordained minister of a nondenominational church that embraces all paths, races and creeds, she has done extensive training in the Noetic Field Practitioner workshops since 1990.. Rebecca is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich your Life with Abundance and Loving, a practical guide to living as a spiritual being. She facilitates classes in spiritual growth and has authored the professional course, Becoming a Spiritual Scientist: A Course for CoCreators.


“Rebecca teaches a unique blend of practical tools which have given me immediate results. These tools are like a touchstone that I can quickly return to any time I feel myself pulled into the mundane and material, to reconnect with Spirit. This work has fast-tracked me to a level of realization I thought it would take me years to get to. For the first time, I feel like I can get to work - my real work - and not just exist to tread water.” - M. Duval, Austin, Texas

“I believe the greatest lesson I have learned from working with Rebecca is recognizing the most important relationship I can nurture is a love affair with my Self and how to live that preciousness as an integral path on my road to Spirit.   It has changed my life.” - T. T., Santa Fe, NM

“I've had a perfect opportunity the last 36 hours to be in the "agenda of my soul" during a potentially very difficult situation. Wow… am I grateful for this work, the awakening I have and that I feel it's so much more implanted in my body.  I'm amazed at myself and grateful for your teachings.” – L.H., Santa Fe, NM

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