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Pranic Healing, Intuitive Awareness Life Coaching skills, Breath Work, Guided imagery, Sound & Vibration therapy, Healing Drum Therapy, Chakra Balancing & Clearing, Reflexology.
Years In Business:
9 Years 
Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki 1&ll, Polarity Therapy 
Length of Appointments:
60 to 90 minutes 
Average Per Session Fees:
$75 to $125 
Client Focus:
Adults and children 
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Rick Bastine

Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Polarity Therapist

Find your own inner knowledge to unlock your innate healing ability

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
826 Camino De Monte Rey Suite B-2
Santa Fe, NM
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By appointment

Phone: 505-690-3997

Rick Bastine is an intuitive facilitator in the discovery, unfolding, and development of an individual's inner healing abilities. He integrates a variety of age-old healing techniques into a customized healing session that promotes a more grounded, rejuvenated, and peaceful return to emotional and physical health.

Throughout childhood, Rick heard family members refer to 'the gift' – an inherent, intuitive healing skill passed down from generation to generation. It wasn't long before he realized his own innate ability to sense and feel another's discomfort, and to know just how to relieve it, was the very "gift" his family had been speaking about all along. With this recognition came a passion for learning all that he could to tap into the knowledge and application of age-old healing techniques.

Since then, Rick has spent his life expanding his experience and skill in the healing arts, integrating hypnotherapy, polarity therapy, reflexology, reiki, and massage, as well as cradling therapy, and pranic healing into his healing sessions.

Believing that healing only happens when a person is an active participant in the healing process, Rick uses his intuitive talents to guide individuals through a release of blockages, and a restoration of the flow of natural pranic energies. Each session is uniquely customized to the individual, with the goal of providing clarity, confidence, connection, love for self, motivation, and a sense of calm, centered healthfulness. 

Rick studied at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe where he earned his hypnotherapy certification. He is also a certified Reiki practitioner. In 1997 in California, he was trained in massage, polarity, reflexology, and cradling therapy.


"We had 3 sessions in as many days, each as unique and purposeful as the next. (After) our first session, this was the first time I have truly inhabited my body. I felt whole, complete. I call this first session Cleansing. Our second session (is where) I learned how to be fully present in my body and yet remain connected to all that is. I call this session Expansion. Our last session evolved into a deep meditation. The energy release during this session was intense and was in large part a surprisingly collaborative experience (the teacher and the taught create the teaching). I call this session Unveiling." 
Matthew Schneiderhahn, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Thank you from the depths of my being for the work I was graced to do with you.  I have never... ever... had such profound changes happen in so short a time. The emotional healing you facilitated was the best, most difficult, and most rewarding therapeutic experience I've encountered. I highly recommend your services and abilities to anyone. Thank you again, words can't express."- Carolyn C., Artist, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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