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Sarah Cutler


Craniosacral Therapy

Polarity Therapy

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Reiki, Kiripalu Yoga, Whole foods nourishment inspired by Ayurveda
Years In Business:
11 Years 
Reg. Polarity Practitioner, Cert. Kripalu Yoga Teacher,165hrs Cranial Sacral Training 
Length of Appointments:
Average Per Session Fees:
$50 to $75 
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Sarah Cutler

Cranial Sacral/Polarity Therapy, Kripalu Yoga

Resources for embodied living.

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
Ancient Tide Wellness Center
1223-E S. St. Francis Dr
Santa Fe, NM
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Most days, incl. weekends, some evenings.

Phone: 505-216-5219

Using the relationships mapped by Polarity Therapy, the deep listening of Cranial Sacral Therapy, and the balancing, transforming wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, Sarah engages the body in conversation – mirroring its patterns, guiding its healing, thus enabling individuals to become more fully embodied in their physical form and their lives

The Body has a blueprint for inherent health. During the course of living, certain patterns, adaptations, injuries, or trauma can disrupt the natural communication the Body uses to return to its inherent state of health.   Sarah's role as a practitioner is to listen deeply to the story told by the Body, to engage it in conversation, and to mirror back patterns that no longer serve in order to remind the Body of its blueprint and guide it safely back to inherent health.

As a Registered Polarity Practitioner and Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher with over 11 years of yoga practice, Sarah is skilled in body rhythms, movement, listening, and nourishment. Her unique healing approach promotes deep relaxation, reduction in pain and stress, better posture, greater mental-physical-emotional ease, deep integration in many layers of body and life, and an ability to listen more deeply to the Body.

Sarah's greatest delight is to work with people in transition. By calming the nervous system, relaxing the body, and nourishing the whole being from the inside out, transition and transformation can be most profound. In her own words, "Working holistically with the whole person through a combination of bodywork, yoga, and lifestyle, and being integrated into a greater whole of healthcare and healing work, is an amazing gift and profound delight."

Sarah began her healer's journey in Reiki, having participated in a fifty-hour program through Healing Adventures Wholistic Healing Center in Saranac Lake, NY. Her 200-hour, Yoga Alliance approved Kripalu Yoga Teacher’s Training was completed in the Fall of 2004 in Stockbridge, MA. Shortly after, she trained for over 150 hours in Cranial Sacral Thereapy at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts (NMAHA) in Santa Fe, followed by their 700-hour Polarity Therapy Program. Sarah's ongoing dedication to living, exploring, and practicing in the healing arts continues with training in Ayurvedic Polarity Therapy Certification.


[Your bodywork] "lets the body catch up to the soul and the soul catch up to the body.  It’s a chance to mend yourself back together with the encouragement and support of another person.  Having another person there gives me permission to just be. - PM, Santa Fe, NM

"I've been doing yoga on and off since the '70s and I gotta say I have never moved as freely or spontaneously as in your class. It's the music and your voice that urges me in that direction. I enjoy all this experimentation." - KK, Santa Fe, NM

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