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Spiritual Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Intuitive Healing, children's health, family practice, long distance telepathic/prayer healing.
Years In Business:
31 Years 
Graduate Kototama Institute 
Length of Appointments:
60 minutes 
Average Per Session Fees:
Adults $50 to $65, Children $35 
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Seie Brigham

Kototama Life Therapist

Healing with non-invasive techniques for all conditions

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
By appointment

Phone: 505-471-5194

Kototama Life Therapy is based on the study of the life rhythms (a priori rhythms) which activate all of our body’s functions. Seie Brigham draws on this approach to effect a system-wide change. She provides comprehensive meridian diagnosis, rice grain therapy, hand work and dietary counseling to help individuals heal.

Thirty-five years ago, after receiving a license in massage therapy, Seie Brigham began to study directly under master healer Mikoto M. Nakazono. She completed the under graduate acupuncture program at the Kototama Institute, and O Sensei’s final three-year tutorial program in Kototama Life Therapy. Since then she has dedicated her life to working with people on their return to health.

Seie Brigham

Seie Brigham

 Her approach entails listening closely to each individual, calling on her professional knowledge and intuitive healer's nature to diagnose the client’s condition, and providing a clear explanation of her observations. Specific methods include the application of rice grains to meridian points on the skin, direct or indirect hand work, and recommendations tailored to the individual's situation and particular health issues.
By partnering with the client for healing, Seie effects a cooperative, self-empowered treatment, which is further augmented with dietary information and other life tool suggestions that can prevent recurrences of the dis-ease, and continue to improve one’s general health.
Says Seie, "I am not treating illnesses. I am treating people, so they can help themselves. We are divine energy, creating our body, mind, emotions, and discernment. When we are pulled away from our natural health by ways of living and thinking that are invalid and damaging, we develop symptoms. When this takes place, we need to re-align ourselves with our center, and with all universal conditions. I work to help restore balance in the body, so we can be in harmony with the universe. Then we are in good health."


 “Seie has a lot of integrity, which she applies with skill and sensitivity to treat underlying causes and conditions rather than merely symptoms. I highly recommend Kototama Life Therapy."  Ed S., Santa Fe, NM

“Kototama Life Therapy is a natural holistic way to health, balance and insight. Seie Brigham brings clarity and effectiveness to her work, and gives us enthusiastic encouragement to live a healthful life."  -NL, Santa Cruz, CA

 “Are you searching for a professional, well trained, caring individual to improve your health and calm your mind with her dedicated willingness to make your life healthier and richer? Call Seie."  - PJC, Vero Beach, FL

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