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Lifestyle Changes, Nutritional Counseling, Nutritional Supplements, Cold Laser Treatments, Laser-Puncture, Acupuncture, Organic Skin Products, Stress Management
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10 Years 
DOM, L.Ac 
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1-2 hours 
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Shannon Plummer, DOM

Holistic Skin Care and Women's Health Practitioner

Beauty Through Balance

Hours & Locations:

Santa Fe
1925 Aspen Drive, suite 602 B
Santa Fe, NM
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By appointment

Phone: 505-995-9770
Cell: 505-699-7258

Beauty truly does come from within. Healthy, beautiful skin comes from a balanced, calm, well nourished body. Shannon Plummer works with her clients to find the underlying source of their skin problems and determine the lifestyle changes and treatment options needed to restore the health of both the skin and body.

Beauty is a reflection of internal harmony. Internal imbalances, such as food sensitivities, hormonal fluctuations, or stress, may result in persistent skin problems, from acne and discoloration to dry and sagging skin. A holistic skin care specialist and women’s health practitioner, Shannon Plummer looks at the relationship between the body and the skin as an integrated whole. She works with her clients to discover the best way to resolve their skin problems and restore complete body health through a combination of treatment options, including lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements, topical and laser treatments, acupuncture and a variety of organic skin products. 

Healthy skin is reflection of a healthy body. Shannon Plummer sees her clients as partners working to restore health and reveal inner beauty. She works closely with women to identify the root causes of their skin problems to begin healing from within. Nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and dietary modifications can be used to bring hormones into balance, correct digestive issues, and reduce stress. After the source of the problem has been addressed, in-office topical treatments and home skin care regimens are used to complete treatment of symptoms and revitalize the skin.

Shannon’s holistic approach incorporates nutritional therapy and hormone testing to treat the skin as part of complete body health. She uses topical treatments, such as herbal masks and compresses, cold laser, acupuncture and laser puncture, to address hyperpigmentation, fine lines, sagging skin, rosacea, and dry, aging skin. After initial treatment, clients can maintain skin and body health through nutritional supplements and a complete line of organic skin care products.

Shannon’s clients enjoy the many benefits of improved body and skin health:

  • Better skin condition and appearance
  • Rejuvenation of dry and aging skin
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation and rosacea
  • Lifting of sagging skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines
  • Relief of digestive distress
  • Fewer mood swings and PMS symptoms
  • Weight reduction from dietary adjustments or elimination of food allergies

After personally experiencing acne and allergy related skin conditions that dermatologists and other medical professionals could not resolve, Shannon Plummer sought to find alternative solutions. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, she uses her training as a basis for her to approach the body. She has received additional training in skin treatment at Elina’s Herbal Skin Care clinic in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


“Shannon Plummer is far more than a cosmetician.  She is a health care provided in the true sense of the term.  She cares about her clients and goes above the call of duty to insure that a client's needs are met.  She's willing and able to go off a "prescribed" or preset routine in order to see that a client receives the very best possible results, individually tailored, from their sessions with her.  She uses only the highest quality, toxin-free materials in her practice and has great integrity, honesty and patience.  I highly recommend her services and level of care.” -Joan Clark, Santa Fe

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