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Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Art Therapy, Flower Remedies
Years In Business:
14 Years 
Cert. Shamanic Astrologer, Ordained through the Madonna Ministry. 
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Client Focus:
men, women, and couples of all ages 
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Tandra McLaughlin

Certified Shamanic Astrologer and Tarot Counselor

Discover a Better Life Through Archetypal Astrology

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2876 Highway 14
Madrid, NM
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Tue - Sat 9 am to 5 pm. Evenings by appointment.

Phone: 505-474-6720

Through archetype-based astrological counseling and Tarot consultation, Tandra McLaughlin helps clients explore their personal mythologies as they embark on their individual soul journeys. She helps individuals understand their personal birth charts and discover the magical link between Earth and the Heavens. With greater insight, individuals become attuned with the cosmological cycles and develop the strength and confidence to lead more fulfilled lives.

Combining the wisdom of the Tarot with Shamanic Astrology (a more experiential-based form of astrology), Tandra helps her clients integrate knowledge of their birth chart and individual astrological cycles into their lives. Working beyond conventional psychological interpretations of personality, Shamanic Astrology identifies astrological archetypes for individuals, allowing them to connect with their deepest longings of the Soul and discover a greater sense of self. By making the necessary changes to live life in concert with natural cosmic cycles, clients can draw from the magical connection with the cosmos to harness their internal power to heal themselves and others.

Discover the power of archetypal astrology and build a personal operating manual for leading a better life.

Tandra’s informal, personal style engages clients in a dialogue to reconnect with their deepest, most authentic selves. Her supportive affirmation of their thoughts and feelings help clients to develop greater self-confidence and begin healing the mind, body, and spirit. Tarot consultation combined with astrological counseling helps her clients access their own intuitive wisdom. This insight helps them to bring about positive transformations in their lives. In addition to exploration of astrological birth charts and cosmic cycles and Tarot sessions, Tandra incorporates various modalities, including personal astrological-based flower essences and art therapy.

Tandra welcomes all who seek support in unfolding their true purpose and embarking on their individual soul journey. She works with men, women, and couples of all ages to discover a deeper sense of self-understanding and a stronger connection with Spirit. With Tandra’s support, they gain the confidence and fortitude in the face of difficult life events, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, or career change. Greater personal insight, more fulfilling relationships, and better grief management are among the many benefits reported by her clients.

In addition to the four decades of personal spiritual exploration and pursuit of her Sacred work she has to draw from, Tandra McLaughlin holds a Master’s degree in Creation Spirituality, with an emphasis in liberal arts, from Naropa University. A Certified Shamanic Astrologer, having studied under Daniel Giamario, Tandra has also completed a Shamanic Priestess/Magdalene process and has been ordained through the Madonna Ministry.


“I’ve listened to my initial reading many times… It has proven incredibly meaningful. I never could have imagined how rich these archetypes are, and how accurately they correspond to my life. The insights I’m gaining are priceless…I wanted to affirm all the time, energy, and care that you have put into my chart. It only makes me want to learn more, especially as I relate to others who lead lives led by different energies and archetypes.” - J.H., El Sobrante, CA

“It was a very ‘spot on’ reading and your insight into my transition was healing. For these gifts I thank you.” - P.S., Philadelphia, PA

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