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Mind Clearing with The Work of Byron Katie, Work with dying, Holistic Self-Inquiry
Years In Business:
39 Years 
LMT, Certified Breath Therapist, Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie 
Length of Appointments:
60 to 90 minutes 
Average Per Session Fees:
$80 to $110 
Accepted Insurance Plans:
Client Focus:
All ages 
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Valli Baron

LMT, Breath Therapist, The Work of Byron Katie

Heal and Clear Your Body/Mind/Spirit

Hours & Locations:

1221 Luisa St, Ste. C
Santa Fe, NM
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By appointment

Phone: 505-983-8410

Valli Baron has a unique toolbox of techniques that she uses singly or in combination to guide her clients to whole-person health and well-being. Using therapeutic massage, breathwork, and mind clearing through The Work of Byron Katie, clients are relieved of pain and stress, on all levels as they undo the knots that keep them stuck physically, mentally, and spiritually.

For her massage work, Valli uses a wide range of modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, Thai massage, pregnancy massage, Reiki, and Reconnective Healing. 

Trained in Germany at the School for Naturopathy and Breathing Therapy, Valli gently teaches her clients how to establish a healthy natural breath. As Andrew Weil, M.D. has said, “Breathing is the master key to health.”   When the breath is unlocked, energy can flow through the body/mind, helping it to relax and return to a state of well-being.

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that allows for the clearing of stressful thoughts and belief patterns, opening one up to the wonder of life.  By focusing on the present instead of the past and future, The Work leads one to true fulfilment, joy, and inner peace.

Benefits of  Valli's work:
  • Relief from physical and emotional pain and stress
  • Deep relaxation
  • A lasting sense of well-being and inner peace
  • Clarity, connection, and transformation of fear into love

Both the breathwork that Valli uses and The Work of Byron Katie give Valli’s clients tools they can use on their own in order to maintain a clear mind and relaxed body.

Valli attended massage and breathing therapy school in Germany and Switzerland and is a graduate of The School for The Work of Byron Katie. She also trained in Qi Gong, a technique she uses along with breathwork and The Work when working with groups. She calls the combination of techniques she employs Breathbodywork.

 Valli works with people of all ages, including children and the elderly. She is a trained birthing assistant and also works with those in hospice. She also does phone sessions in The Work of Byron Katie.


“I have personally experienced Valli Baron’s deep compassion in her facilitation of The Work. She exhibits a profound understanding and deep commitment to the process. She is truly a gifted healing artist.” – Dan Retuta, Director of the Crestone Healing Arts Center

“Thank you for your wonderful work. You are a true healer.”   - Lisa Garigues, Author of Writing Motherhood

“The Work is the greatest thing in the whole wide world. When I’m scared and we do The Work, afterwards I’m not scared any more.”   - Daniel, 7 year old.

“I have not seen as much healing with any other therapist I have been to.  Valli’s work is profound, effective, and transformational.”   - Ann Schuster, Chicago

“Valli’s treatments are deeply relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Pure magic.”   - E.S., 91 years old, Santa Fe.

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