NM Natural Healing


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Ear Candling

Also called ear coning, this therapy originated in Egypt some 3,500 year ago. It involves placing a hollow candle in your ear, then lighting one end of the hollow candle, and placing the other end in the ear canal. This works as a natural, non-intrusive procedure to cleanse the inside of the ears and remove earwax. It helps to alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches or sinus conditions, ear infections, allergies or vertigo, as well as minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax build up.


Ecopsychology is a rapidly developing  new field of study.  This innovative approach integrates psychology and ecology in the study of human nature and relationships.  Ecopsychology connects psychology and ecology in a new paradigm.   As an approach to counseling and healing, ecopsychology  bridges nature's wisdom  with daily life.  Ecopsychology helps the individual in finding a meaningful relationship to nature and the world around them.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

This energy psyhchology technique uses tapping on specific meridian points to help alter emotional states and reduce physical symptoms. People have reported relief from anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, eating disorders, smoking addictions, chronic pain and other chronic conditions. EFT has been endorsed by scientists such as Deepak Chopra, Candace Pert, Norm Shealy, Bruce Lipton, and Donna Eden.

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Emotional Release Work

There are different types of emotional release work aside from the traditional work done by psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists. Energy psychology techniques such as EFT, BSFF, EMDR, and TAT all stimulate emotional releases, as does work done by some energy healers.

Empowerment Coach


An Empowerment Coach is a person who helps others discover who they really are and to empower them to live their lives from this perspective rather than their old beliefs.

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An end-of-life coach helps people to see beyond their questions and fears, enabling them to open to this universal experience. By providing information, awareness and support to individuals who are faced with possibly counting their lives in months rather than years, as well as their families, an end-of-life coach assists clients to find their way through this challenging time, and open to the precious gifts that are available.

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Energy Healing and Balancing

Energy healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that balances and releases the flow of your vital energy. Energy healing believes that physical ailments are a manifestation of energy blocks caused by physical stress, emotional trauma, negative thoughts, attitudes and life experiences. Removing these blocks forms the core of all energy therapies. This catalyzes the energy flow and stimulates the body's natural ability to self heal, and facilitates growth and self-awareness.

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Energy Psychology

A method for treating phobias and other psychological problems, energy psychology covers a wide variety of techniques, such as EFT, BSFF, TAT etc. Its basic principle says that negative emotions, disturbing memories, limiting thoughts, and self-destructive impulses have corresponding disturbances in the energy fields that we identify as meridians, chakras, or the aura. By resolving these disturbances, we can induce a sense of balance, calm and clarity in our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Environmental Medicine

This form of medicine is also known as clinical ecology and is a diagnostic and treatment system that performs allergy testing on a broad scale on environmental sensitivities. In other words, environmental medicine tests the effects of specific environmental exposures to synthetic chemicals on human immune systems.  Liken to that of allergy testing, environmental medicine helps discover root causes of allergic sensitivities and can help to outline effective treatment protocols.

Environmental Products

Products to improve the quality of your air, water, and ousehold environment.

Enzyme Therapy

This therapy believes that we are what we digest! It considers digestive problems as the root cause of various illnesses and involves taking enzyme supplements (natural proteins) to stimulate and accelerate biological reactions in the body. Digestive enzymes break down food and help with the absorption of nutrients into the blood, whereas metabolic enzymes build new cells and repair damaged ones. They also strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation.

Esalen Massage

Esalen massage utilizes long, flowing, effleurage strokes that work on the superficial layers of the entire body. Unlike traditional Swedish massage which focuses on relieving pain and immobility, Esalen massages focuses more on the body as a whole, and tries to harmonize the entire body, mind and spirit while also helping the client live more comfortably in his or her own body.

Essential oils

Highly aromatic and potent oils extracted from the leaves, stems, flowers, and other parts of plants, essential oils provide a host of therapeutic benefits. Modern scientific research confirms that essential oils have an antiseptic and antimicrobial action, as well as a healing and soothing effect on the skin. These highly concentrated oils work through skin absorption and smell. Their different therapeutic effects include calming, energizing, cleansing.


The voice map is the heart of the EVOX system. It consists of a sample of the frequenciesin your voice and identifies areas of subconscious stress. Frequencies are then used as an energetic remedy to support the release of stress.

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