NM Natural Healing


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Developed in the early 1900s by a group of medical professors, Kinesiology is the study of movement focusing primarily on movement and physical activity attuned to one's intellect.  Kinesiology has a significant impact on a wide range of  health and well-being issues.  Kinesiology can enhance learning, boost sports performance, eliminate emotional, physical and mental stress, help with finances and decision making, pin-point and eliminate allergic reactions (IMRs), help overcome fears and phobias, and the healing of muscle injuries.

Kototama Life Therapy

The whole universe is eternally breathing in and out. We are part of that universe. By aligning our bodies to the conditions we live in, we achieve health. By establishing good living habits, we sustain that health. Kototama Life Therapy is an approach that promotes this journey.T

When the Kototama  Life Therapy techniqe is used, grains of rice are place on meridian points and the practitioner uses energy handwork of differt types, as needed In addition dietary and lifestyle enhancements are recommended

Related Practitioners

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga cultivates structural integrity and inner awareness in a compassionate system of yoga (or “Union”).  Deepen trust in your own inner knowing and develop freedom, ease, and health in body, mind, and spirit by integrating the wisdom found on the mat into life in the world.

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