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Life Coaching

Life coaches draw on a number of disciplines, including executive coaching, sociology, psychology, career counseling, and numerous other types of counseling to assist you in determining and achieving personal goals.

Coaching is not a therapy.  Coaching is for people who want to grow, and take their life from adequate to extraordinary.  A Coach will help you identify strengths that you may minimize or overlook, and help you utilize these strengths to make your life exceptional.  Coaching enables you to experience living positively on purpose.  Some of the benefits are to help you discover and life your life purpose, positively maneuver life's transitions, enhance parent/child relationships and cultivate your spirituality.

Related Practitioners

Life Vessel

The Life Vessel is a non-invasive device that uses light, sound, frequency, and vibration to stimulate the body/mind's natural healing ability. People often report having a profound experience in the Life Vessel. After having a number of non-invasive medical tests to establish a basline, clients complete four one-hour sessions in the Life Vessel over a three day period.

Light Therapy

This therapy treats various disorders by correcting the circadian rhythm or the body's inner clock. A disturbed circadian rhythm can lead to health problems such as depression and sleep disorders. To alleviate these disorders, light therapy uses exposure to specific ranges of light wavelengths for a prescribed amount of time. By rectifying the timing of sleep, it regulates hormone production, body temperature, and other biological functions.

Lymphatic Drainage

This gentle form of massage encourages the natural flow of lymphatic fluid along its normal vessel routes. It cleanses, relaxes, relieves pain and boosts the body's immune system. It also helps to eliminate water retention and reduce cellulite congestion. Most importantly, it reduces lymphatic congestion and stimulates white blood cell activity.

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