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Pain Management

Pain accompanies many body/mind problems and there are many natural methods for alleviating pain that do not involve drugs or surgery. Many vairiets of massage, energy healing, frequency medicine, magnetic therapy, acupuncture, chiropracty, prolotherapy, herbs, homeopathy, and other techniques can be highly effective.

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Past Life Regressions


Past Life Regressions are a means for people to re-experience their own past lives for the purpose of learning who they were in a past life or to heal issues, conflicts, fears, health concerns and abuse experiences in their present life. During regressions a person can also learn to contact their spirit guides or departed ones.

Perfector Treatments

The Perfector is a non-surgical face life, delivering microcurrent to heal and regenerate. Rather than peeling off layers of skin, the Perfector builds up skin layers, healing and encouraging regeneration, and offering long-lasting results.

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Personal Fitness Trainers

Personal fitness trainers teach you how to exercise. Based on your individual fitness goals, they design a personalized workout with weights, aerobics, and flexibility training, and monitor your progress by measuring body fat, heart rate levels etc. The other important task of a personal trainer includes offering advice about healthy lifestyle and nutrition. 

Pet Foods & Supplies

High quality, nutritious foods and supplements specifically formulated for your dogs and cats are important to keep your companion animals healthy. The stores listed on our site who provide these staples carry foods and supplements that only contain highly digestible ingredients.

Pet Health

The physical and emotional health of your pet is important. Practitioners listed on this site can help in both of those areas. Our veterinarians use many natural modalities rather than drugs and surgery, and animal communicators can help to keep you pet happy and in a healthy frame of mind. Veterinarians use tecniques such as homeopathy, acutonics, frequency medicine, and nutritional supplements. Animal communicators help keep pets healthy by opening lines of communication between pets and their owners.

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Pharmacies listed on this site dispense natural remedies such as bioavailable hormones, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, and individually compounded prescriptions. They also may sell and rent medical equipment and supplies.

Physical Therapy

This medical specialty of rehabilitation aims to condition muscles and restore strength and movement as well as prevent disability through exercises, physical activities, and massage.

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Plastic Surgery (holistic)

Holistic plastic surgeons incorporate non-traditional techniques, such as homeopathy, energy healing and balancing, and acupucture to facilitate healing and reduce pain, into their surgical practice.


Podiatry refers to the medical care and treatment of the human foot -- called also chiropody

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Polarity Therapy

This holistic system believes that your energy field is a reflection of your health. A healthy person radiates a positive aura or energy field. To balance your energy field Polarity therapy uses A. Touch therapy, reflex and acupressure along the meridians points to balance energy flow in your body. B. Cleansing diets for detoxifying your system and release life giving energy. C. Holistic exercises to self-heal. D. Verbal counseling to promote self-awareness.

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Prolotherapy is a form of medical treatment in which a physician injects a specialized solution into weakened and injured ligaments, tendons or joints. The Prolotherapy solution that is injected into these weakened ligaments is a special solution that is made up by a compounding pharmacy. This solution causes new, stronger ligament fibers to be formed. This strengthens and tightens up the entire ligament, causing the joint to no longer be hyper mobile and thereby reducing the strain on nerves, muscles and ligaments.

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Prosperity Coaching

Prosperity coaches help their clients establish both healthy financial habits and an internal state congruent with a consistant cash flow and a comfortable lifestyle. Prosperity coaches often offer life coaching and spiritual counseling.

Psychic and Intuitive Readings

There are many types, methods and systems of psychic or extra-sensory readings employed by those who claim to have psychic abilities. A professional psychic may have one or more specialized areas of expertise such as psychometry, distant readings, Tarot reading, astrology or horoscope readings, numerology, palm reading, past-life readings, aura readings or any number of other methods. Most psychic readers do not usually use any tools and can include face-to-face readings or distance readings

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Psychic Medium

A Psychic Medium is a person who is able to read any aspects of the past, present, or future of an individual's life including their love life, relationships, health, career, finances, life direction and purpose, and sould lesson. They can also contact and communicate with departed ones, pets, spirit guides or angels, and any spirit presence.

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Psychologists and psychotherapists help clients resolve emotional issues that cause discomfort and keep them from living up to their true potential.

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