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Saliva Testing

Saliva testing if often used to determine for hormone and cortisol levels.


The SCIO, which stand for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation), is a state-of-the-art frequency medicine device that incorporates stress testing, biofeedback, and more. By balancing subtle energies, the SCIO reduces stress on a cellular level, opening up the body/mind/spirit for healing.

The SCIO does not diagnose, rather it provides an interface between the conscious and unconscious minds, allowing the trained practitioner to determine the most probable causes of ill health. Corrective energies are applied that help establish energetic balance for health and well being.

Practitioners often suggest lifestyle changes and nutritional remedies that will lead to better health.

Results are often subtle annd ongoing over a period of time.

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Shamanic Healing

This spiritual and medical practice believes that healing has a spiritual dimension. Healers, called Shamans, seek a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance to heal. They believe that two different people with the exact symptoms have completely different underlying causes to their illness. After understanding these causes, the shaman heals you using rituals, herbal medicines, and by mediating between you and the spirit world.

Shamanism dates back 50,000 years or more.  Most anthropologists agree that shamanism originated in Siberia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, the area of the world formally known as Lapland.  The word shaman comes from the Tungus people of Siberia.  

The direct translation is "seer, or one who sees in the dark." This ancient spiritual practice existed among indigenous cultures acrossed the world before religions and hierarchical structures were organized.

Although these practices do vary by culture and land, the use of the shamanic journey is a key distinction to the practice of shamanism.  It is through the use of the shamanic journey that helping spirits are contacted for help, advice, knowledge and healing. Shamanism in its roots was referred to as a way of the ordinary person, practicing their own spiritual methods through their own direct relationship with helping spirits.  It is through these practices and the direct experience of working with helping spirits that individuals developed their trust and faith in the system.

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This ancient Japanese massage technique uses fingers and palm pressure on the energy pathways or the meridians of the body to improve the flow of qi. Like acupuncture, shiatsu considers an illness to be an imbalance in the natural flow of energy in the body. It uses massage to improve circulation, relieve stiff muscles, and alleviate stress. By releasing physical stress, it invigorates you spiritually.

Skincare - Holistic

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Somatic Repatterning

Somatic repatterning tries to help you to recognize the chronic pain patterns resulting from injury, stress, repetitive motion, or habituated postures. This sensory-awareness along with neuromuscular education allows you to repattern your emotional balance by learning to relieve tension, relax muscles. It reduces pain and helps you regain comfort.

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Soul Readings

Practitioners who do soul readings access the point where you connect with Source and help you understand your life plan and purpose.

Sound Healing

Vibrations from sound impact us,both physically and psychologically. Using specific sound frequencies this therapy associates the seven chakras of the body with the seven musical notes. The frequencies used to heal a particular body organ depend on which chakra rules that organ. For example., the note G is associated with the heart center or chakra.

Benefits of Sound therapy include relaxing more deeply, experience less anxiety, fall asleep more quickly, enhanced creativity, improved visualization, and acceleration of the learning process.

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A luxurious resort or resort hotel. New Mexico spas offer a wide variety of health-restoring services.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counselors assist their clients in establishing a healthy connection to their deep inner selves while using intuitive and energetic techniques to activate healing of the body/mind/spirit. Spiritual counselors tend to be practitioners who embrace their clients with compassion, acceptance, support, and encouragement, opening the client to new levels of self-love and feelings of belonging.

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing works by purifying our life energy. It channels the universal life energy to you and cleanses your emotional state to release the negative thoughts that block the energy flow. When the blockages are removed, you regain your physical health. A spiritual healer allows his or her body to be used as a medium to channel the universal life energy to you. This energy flows out of the healer's body through the hands.

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Spiritual Therapy

 All disease begins on the spiritual side, meaning the imbalance begins in our non-physical energy.  Spiritual therapy dedicates itself to balancing our a priori energy, by talking to our inner self. This is achieved by working with the energy that flows through our meridians, in point work, hand work, dietary and life-style habits. It is with the divine love of the universe that these patterns can improve.

Stress Management

Extreme stress can be a source of several illnesses. While we cannot avoid all stressful life events, we can learn to relax our body and mind in such situations. There are various holistic strategies to reduce stress. They include Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Massage, Movement therapy, breathwork etc. Taking steps to relax and body and mind increases your well being, energizes you, and helps you get what you want out of life.

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